Snowboarding @ Martinky #1

Snowboard day @ Martinky!


GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition


Just unboxed the new GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition!!! Looking forward to use it and hack it of course :) Stay tuned!



FireLinpack: my App  executing Linpack benchmark on FirefoxOS.

Zanzibar Kitesurf with Paje by Kite!

Looking forward to it!

Xmas Hackathon Rome


Had a beautiful hackathon day @ Xmas Hackathon Rome with Luigi, Michele and Andrea. We are going to show you our awesomeness as soon as possible.

Emscripten is the way!


Hundreds and hundreds of C code. BOOM! You need them all translated to Javascript in few hours! Hard algorithms to handle and almost nothing to optimize.

Don’t panic! Emscripten is here to help us in this difficult task.

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MongoDB Certified!


Yeeeeh!!! Just received results about my last exam on MongoDB Developer Certification and it’s all positive! :) Congratulations to me!

Kenya 2013 awesome video

MongoDB CheatSheet

Enjoy this link!