Crazyfly Sculp 12

Landed kite

After my first session with Crazyfly Sculp 2015 12m, I’m able to share few information about this kite.
On a cold and windy weekend, I decided to head towards Podersdorf (Neusiedler am See, Burgenland, Austria), where weather and water forecasts looked quite promising for an acceptable first session, both for myself and my brand new kite.

Warning: I was riding a FONE Bandit before this kite.

Once there, first of all, I checked the spot, weather and local kiters before rigging my equipment up. To be honest, it was not that windy as expected the day before (I was feeling really excited), but after getting the proper self-confidence, I wore my neoprene shields on, laid down the new bar-lines, pumped the kite and set everything up.
I was ready and I could feel it in my veins!

A guy kindly helped me to launch my kite and after few seconds, boom, up in the air!

Now: the wind was really light but I had it there at 12 and it was waiting for me. At first impact, back lines were a bit going slack and had to pull the front ones couple of times to avoid back stalling and save “our” first session (next time I will trim my kite slightly different though).

So I took my board, built some power up and threw it to 2 o’clock. I officially started my first session!! :)

In order to get good speed and good way upwind, had to move the kite a little bit more than expected but when reached an acceptable speed, it showed amazing stuff. It sits really good in the window and answers really good when moving the bar. Well, frankly, I was a bit used to FONE Bandit but this kite is not really far from my previous experience.

Awesome is the right word to describe my ride, had to move the kite a bit more and catch gusts in order to go, but had the chance to get a deep feeling with my new kite. I rode couple of hours in a wind comparable to roller coasters, but I am sure I have received the right answers.

I’m really satisfied by this kite and finally I am really happy to kite under 15 knots , I know it can be improved, but it’s a massive impact to myself and a big step forward for my kite dedication.  A good note to mention is a moment when felt down after speeding up, caused me to back-roll twice… Ok, usually I was used to relaunch my kite after these “moments” but that time I found my kite lovely sitting  at 12 waiting for me and screaming “come on buddy”. Coooool!!!! :)

Great, I landed the kite when I was feeling no wind in my bar and decided to wrap my equipment up and go home with a huge smile on my face!!! Got off from my neoprene skin, I wore lots of thermo stuff to get some warm sensation again :D and headed home.

Below you can find some info:
Weight: 70kg
Kite: Crazyfly Sculp 12m 2015
Board: Nobile 666 132cm

P.S. Mystic Poncho afterwards was the cherry on top. You cannot finish a session without it…it’s super helpful.

Wind summary

Wind summary

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