WindInfo released!


I would like to introduce you my latest experiment for wind lovers: WindInfo.
If you have any feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Gyroscope access made easy


Check out my new component for Polymer by Google, <sensor-gyroscope> is allowing an easy way to access gyroscope data, available on Github

FirefoxOS App with AngularJS and Polymer


A simple app for FirefoxOS realized with AngularJS, Polymer and BuildingBlocks. Check it out @ GitHub.

FirefoxOS Boilerplate AngularJS


Check my project on GitHub, under MIT license, a simple Boilerplate App for FirefoxOS, using AngularJS.

Polymer Project by Google


At the moment the situation is pure madness! Web developing is pushing the throttle down! Google is developing several projects, beautiful ones, I’m a fan of AngularJS and I’m appreciating more and more their alpha project named Polymer.

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LeapMotion and GoogleMaps


Let’s try to use Google Maps with LeapMotion, the popular hand input controller.
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FireLinpack: my App  executing Linpack benchmark on FirefoxOS.

Emscripten is the way!


Hundreds and hundreds of C code. BOOM! You need them all translated to Javascript in few hours! Hard algorithms to handle and almost nothing to optimize.

Don’t panic! Emscripten is here to help us in this difficult task.

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